Simple things that I did not think enough about

Preamble: this January I was invited to do a one day Scrum refresh training from my company Agile Minds. That got me thinking how do I make it the best I can? I brought this up with my friend @Irishka Skrypnik from and she suggested to do a Go-see- a practice from LeSS - Large Scale Scrum. That boils down to go and see (duh) on what is really going on in the company where I'm about to do a training.

So I went and I did the training after I observed people in the organisation working together on three separate occasions. The results where profound. This simple understanding of context helped me to deliver one of the best trainings of my life - tailored to the real needs the organisation has at this moment.

Here is some feedback I collected after the training I wanted to share with you:

"I really liked how the course was presented, teacher was amazing. Every aspect was important and I liked the practical ways of presenting some cases like battleship game."

"I liked how seamless the whole course was - all topics of the course seemed related and there was just the right balance between lecturing and working in groups. It was an eye-opener from the company's perspective!"
"Discussion about how to use it in your work daily and how it relates to our own company."

The moral of the story for me is that it is important to understand the context in whatever that you do or in other words: context is the King! (c) Star Trek Discovery

Do you know your context?